Via Ferratas

Via Ferratas are equipped routes on walls with various materials such as pegs, staples, holds, handrails, bridges, hanging ladders, zip lines…

In Catalonia, you can find a wide variety of options, from the easiest to the most demanding ones.

In a via ferrata, you’ll find sport, fun, and adrenaline, but above all, it’s a great plan to enjoy with whoever you want.

Come and enjoy with us the best via ferratas in Catalonia!


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In 2007, Eugen Eduard Hüsler updated the difficulty levels of via ferratas using a scale that had never been used before, ranging from K1 (easy or equipped path) to K6 (extremely difficult). Thus, the difficulty level of a ferrata is classified from K1 to K6. The meaning of K refers to the German word “Klettersteig,” which means “via ferrata.” This scale takes into account aspects that define a route: endurance, psychological factor, physical demands, and mountain experience. Therefore, the classification of a via ferrata would be as follows:

K1: Easy

K2: Slightly difficult

K3: Somewhat difficult

K4: Difficult

K5: Very difficult

K6: Extremely difficult

The equipment we need for Via Ferrata includes:


If you want to do Via Ferrata but only need to rent the equipment, we also offer it here.