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Venes de Rojalons

Located near the famous town of Montblanc (Tarragona), this via ferrata is special because it passes through an underground section. Verticality, emotions, experience, and darkness are words that describe it quite well.

Season: All year round.
Location: Rojalons (Conca de Barberà, Tarragona)
Duration of the activity: 4 hours
Activity level: Moderate (k4)
Recommended minimum age: To be consulted.
Groups: Maximum of 8 people per guide.
Price: 45€ per person.

  • The duration of the activity is approximate, as it will always depend on the group’s level and the number of people present on the route.
  • The season is also indicative, as it will depend on the current weather conditions.
  • The minimum recommended age is approximate, if you have any doubts, consult with us and we will personally attend to your request.

For any questions regarding this activity, consult with us.

  • What's included:

    • Certified professional guide
    • Technical safety equipment (harness with lanyard and rest line, helmet)
    • Accident and liability insurance
    • Photos of the activity
  • What's NOT included:

    • Transportation to the meeting point
    • Meals
  • What to bring:

    • Small and comfortable backpack
    • Water
    • Clothing suitable for the weather conditions of the season
    • Bike or gym gloves

The activity in 1 minute


Via Ferrata’s detailed description

The Venes de Rojalons via ferrata is located in Rojalons (Conca de Barberà, Tarragona). It is a via ferrata in Catalonia that passes through an underground section. And that’s why in this route the use of headlamps is necessary, as otherwise in the final stretch we won’t see anything! Undoubtedly, it is one of the most entertaining routes in Catalonia, as it is an equipped and surprising itinerary. Bridges, descents, caves… it is a K4 difficulty via ferrata with more demanding sections that can be completely avoided.

The route starts at the point on the map, near Rojalons. From here, you walk for about 20 minutes until you reach the base of the wall, where you will find a sign indicating the start of the ferrata. The wall has a height of 200 meters and offers breathtaking views of the Prades mountains and the Baix Camp region.

The via ferrata is equipped with steel cables, steps, and handrails, allowing us to enjoy the wall by moving with the dissipators. The route has a length of 800 meters and a positive elevation gain of 200 meters, with vertical sections, lateral passages, hanging bridges, and other obstacles that make the route exciting and challenging. What makes it a unique and incredible via ferrata is its underground section, where we move along the staples in complete darkness!

A different equipped via ferrata, unique for ferrata and nature enthusiasts. With an impressive landscape and a great variety of obstacles, this ferrata is an ideal option for those seeking a challenging adventure!


Activity operation

We will meet at the meeting point, usually where we will leave the vehicles or from where we will depart with the minimum number of vehicles to the nearest parking lot to the activity.

There, all participants will meet with the guide, we will distribute the equipment for each person, and necessary explanations will be provided.

From there, we will embark on the activity and return to the same point upon completion.

Once at the cars, we will return the equipment to the guide’s vehicle.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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No, but we accept Bizum or bank transfers.

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It depends on many factors: age, type of activity, the people accompanying us... You know your children, but we don't know them yet. If you call us and tell us a bit about their age, if they are afraid of heights, and some information about them, we can provide advice.

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Once the activity is finished, we will send you a link with the photos. If you have taken your own photos, we will ask you to add them to the folder so that all participants can access them.

Certainly, we won’t prohibit it. However, if it gets damaged or lost, Brollats is not responsible for the items you bring. Nonetheless, you can request the images you want from the guide accompanying you. They will do their best to provide you with the best memories!

Days before the activity, you will need to fill out a form with your details. It’s important to provide your weight, height, and shoe size. With these variables, we can determine the wetsuit size for you.

Absolutely! We recommend starting with simpler activities and gradually increasing the difficulty as you gain confidence. You can begin with hiking, snowshoeing, or water treks and challenge yourself.

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Good question. Computers are not our strong suit, but we’re doing everything we can to have it ready before summer. Wish us luck!

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