Large Vertical Walls

A large vertical wall is an adventure activity that involves descending vertically down a large wall or gorge using the rappelling technique. This activity provides an exciting and challenging experience for those seeking an extra dose of adrenaline and a greater challenge compared to other adventure activities.

Unlike other activities such as canyoning or via ferratas, it is a descent on a single wall, an activity designed for those looking for a longer and more challenging rappelling experience. Typically, the distance descended in a large vertical is over 50 meters and can even exceed 100 meters.

*This involves a descent on a single rappel (or two at most). If you are looking to practice the rappelling technique on different descents, we recommend Dry Canyoning.

For this activity, we require participants to have some prior rappelling experience and suitable physical condition.


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To participate in the activity, it is important to wear closed-toe sports shoes (preferably hiking shoes) and clothing suitable for the current weather conditions.

We classify large verticals as difficult, as they require previous experience in rappelling and no fear of heights in order to fully enjoy the activity.