Aquatic Trekking

Aquatic trekking is a route that involves descending a river by walking, swimming, or taking small jumps or slides (always optional). It is an activity suitable for all ages and recommended especially for families with children or people with a fear of heights. We also offer it as an alternative to canyoning initiation; the main difference is that aquatic trekking is a low-difficulty activity, where we won’t be exposed to great heights and there will be no need to lift our feet off the ground (or water).

If you’re looking for a bit more adrenaline (higher jumps, rappels, and slides), you may want to try Canyoning.

Additionally, if desired, we can adapt this activity with cooperation challenges, trust-building games, and other dynamics tailored to companies, families, and groups.


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To participate in the activity, it’s important to bring closed-toe sports shoes (preferably hiking shoes), swimwear or shorts, a technical sports shirt, a backpack with water and spare dry clothes and footwear, which will be left in the car for after the activity.

Aquatic trekking is the category with the lowest level of difficulty. It simply involves walking, swimming, and, in some cases (optional), doing jumps and sliding down slides.

Yes. Dogs are allowed in aquatic trekkings. However, it’s important that you inform us in advance, as we will check with the other participants if they have any objections.