By contracting an activity with Brollats, customers declare that they know and accept all the conditions written in this section.

Brollats organizes outings and activities considered risky and that take place in the natural environment. We have the function of minimizing these risks, however the risk still exists. In the event of an accident, Brollats has taken out accident and civil liability insurance for the participants, as required by law.

All customers declare themselves informed and knowledgeable about the type of activity they will be doing, the approximate duration and the place where it will be carried out.

It is essential to report in the “comments” section if you suffer from any illness, injury or physical or mental dysfunction that could affect the functioning of the activity. As well as some examples could be: asthma, heart disease, pregnancy, epilepsy…

At all times, the client undertakes to strictly follow the safety rules communicated by the group guide throughout the course of the activity.

The client will not under any circumstances be under the influence of alcohol or any other drug that may alter their abilities. If you take any medication, you must report it in the “comments” section.

Customers undertake to respect and take care of the environment where the activity takes place and not to leave any waste in their path.

If the user needs glasses, disposable lenses are recommended, especially if the activity involves water.

Minors can participate in the activities organized with Brollats, as long as the father, mother or legal guardian also comes. In case the activity is aimed at minors, all must have an authorization duly completed by their legal representative.

The guide will be in charge and responsible for transmitting all the safety rules, as well as overseeing the correct implementation, however, he can refuse participation in an activity if he considers that he is not in full capacity for the correct operation of the ‘activity.

In the event of failure to follow the instructions of the guide or the abandonment of the activity of one’s own volition before giving it as an end, it will be considered negligence and Brollats will not be responsible for possible damages or accidents caused.

Brollats will provide all the necessary safety equipment for the activity. If the client has his own, it will be checked by the guide and he will be the one to accept it or not. In no case will the price of the activity be changed.

Brollats is not responsible for the deterioration or loss of personal or valuable objects of the customers, the guide will bring a mobile phone and camera for photographic reporting.



To make a reservation, you must correctly fill out the “conditions and privacy policy” form ( and make the payment of half the amount of the activity in pay and signal concept.

The way to make the payment will be by bank transfer or bizum, indicating the full name, the activity and the date of the same. the remaining amount can be paid in the same way or in cash on the day of the activity.

CC number: ES39 1465 01 20331743633497

Telephone (Bizum): +34 644 433 597


In case of cancellation by the guide or organizing company, the amount will be returned in full.

In the event of cancellation due to inclement weather, another day that suits both parties will be found or, if another day cannot be found, the amount will be returned.

In the event of cancellation by the customer, if he communicates this a week before the activity, the entire amount will be returned. If you communicate it during the same week, half of the amount will be returned. If it is canceled on the same day or the day before, the payment and deposit will not be returned.



In all the activities, the guide will be taking pictures of the participants. If you do not want to take any photos and thus give up the image rights, you must expressly communicate this in the comments section and on the same day of the activity to the corresponding guide. These images will be the property of Brollats and may be used for commercial purposes only by our company.

The data entered in this form will be transferred to the Brollats database, thus being the sole owners. These data will be exclusively for private use, to send the photographs at the end of the activity, to contact us before or after the activity or for insurance issues.

Brollats will never transfer this data to third parties except by legal imposition. If you want to modify or delete data from our database, you can always do so by sending an email to

Brollats complies with all the requirements of organic law 3/2018, of December 5, on the protection of personal data and the guarantee of digital rights. For more information, refer to our privacy policy.